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Age: 28
Sign: Gemini

Country: United States
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Mains & Connections


|| - Username - [Elena Gilbert] -  [Older Biological Identical Twin Sister] - [Relationship] - ||


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Owes & Due Tracker

1x1 None Group Writings - -


▶ THREAD TITLE at LOCATION with @tagged

▶ THREAD TITLE at LOCATION with @tagged
1x1 Group Writings- -
▶ THREAD TITLE at LOCATION with @tagged

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▶ THREAD TITLE at LOCATION with @tagged

▶ THREAD TITLE at LOCATION with @tagged

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▶ LOCATION with @tagged
▶ THREAD TITLE at LOCATION with @tagged

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 PERSONAL DRABBLE #1: GROWING UP at New Orleans, Louisiana with @ No one

▶ THREAD TITLE at LOCATION with @tagged

▶ THREAD TITLE at LOCATION with @tagged

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Roleplaying Rules

The rules that must be obeyed no matter what!

Rule # 1: Disclaimer [I am not Nina Dobrev or Kayla Madison or any of the characters they have played. I am just a roleplayer using their faces in my rps]

Rule #2: Place of Writing [I don't like writing in messages or comments, therefore a Writing group has been made for all my rps.] 

Rule # 3: Point Of View [I will be writing all my rps in the Third-person. It is easier this way for me. Don't like don't add]

Rule #4: Mains & Connections: [I am all for mains and Connections. I already have a few, so check the mains and connection link on my profile to see who I have.]

Rule # 5: Writing Length: [I would prefer 2 Paragraphs or more, when you write with me. At times, I can get up to 8 or so paragraphs.]


Other rules (no guides) that your excepted to know.

#1: All my sentences will have 4 Complete Sentences per paragraph. 

#2: I am not here for sex or Erotica.

#3: I am here to write stories

#4: I might not be on all the time, if it says I am on, I might not be.

#5: I don't add blank pages, looking pages, Kid Pages, or Private Pages.

#6: * = Action and Descriptions | " = For Speaking | All on Separate lines | Speaking Font Color: Firebrick (#b22222)

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Character Information


Name: Alena Maria Gilbert
Nicknames: Alen & Lena
Pronouncing Name: Alena (ah l eh n ah), Maria (m aa - r EE - aa), Gilbert (G IH L - b er t)
Birthday: June 22, 1992
Age: 18 (Forever) || Should be 28 (Now as a Human)
Turned by: Klaus Mikaelson (2010)
Occupation: Servant to her Foster Parents (She worked at their house, often being beaten if she didn't do as they said)
Titles: Scaredy-cat, The Nice One, Twin survivor (By Damon, Stefan, and Katherine), Love, my Lovelies (by Klaus, Jenna and Jules), Twinny (By Elena and Katherine), Gilbert Twin, Mirror Ringer, Gilbert Double, Gentle Clone (By Katherine), Honeyheart, Sweetheart (Klaus and Katherine)
Species: Human/Doppelgänger (Previously) || Vampire (Currently)
Cause Of Death: Beaten nearly to death and then brought back to life with Klaus's Blood in her system.

You want to know who I am? Well we will have to go back to the beginning, the day I was born, or rather, before that. When My parents met. My biological parents were Isobel Flemming and John Gilbert. My Mother and Father fell in love in High School, my mother got pregnant with my sister and I. She gave my sister up to our Aunt and Uncle, Miranda and Grayson Gilbert, but when I came out I was put into the Foster system and sent to New Orleans, where I was put in a Foster home. I grew up in the Foster home with my Foster parents, Jim Dayley and Kimberly Dayley (née' Wales) and their son Steven Dayley. My life wasn't a good one. I was abused, worked and when it came to school, I never went. I was stuck at home, forced to do whatever my foster parents wanted, for fear of being beaten with a belt or worse. 

My life changed for the better, when Klaus Mikaelson came to the house and saw my parents hitting me. He killed them and because I was so beaten up, bloody and seemed at deaths door, he turned me to save my life and took me to his house where there I completed the transformation to vampire. He and his family took me in and cared for me and helped me learn to stand on my own two feet. 

Later on I ended up meeting my sister, my twin when Klaus and his Family came to Mystic Falls. He heard of another "Shadow Twin" and wanted to find her. He thought it was weird that I looked like the other Doppelgängers. But because I  was a vampire, I was useless, in his plan, except for decoying and playing games with the Gilbert's and Salvatore's as well as the town. 

So I came to Mystic Fall's intent on hurting Elena, but ended up finding out that she was my Twin and now I am torn between following my heart, and my mind. Protecting my family or doing as my Maker, and savior says. 

Height: 5'6" (Feet) || 1.68 (Meters)
Weight: 100+ Pounds
Eye Color: Light Brown

⚰ = Dead || ☀ = Alive || 🌁 = Unknown 
Biological Father: John Gilbert 🌁
Biological Mother: Isobel Flemming 🌁
Foster Father: Jim Dayley ⚰
Foster Mother: Kimberly Dayley (née' Wales) ⚰
Sisters: Elena Marie Gilbert (Identical Twin) ☀
Brothers: Steven Dayley (Foster Brother) 🌁
Cousins: Jeremy Gilbert ☀
Aunts: Miranda Gilbert ⚰
Uncles: Grayson Gilbert ⚰
Other Relatives: Amara ⚰ (Ancestor) | Tatia ⚰ (Ancestor)| Tatia's Child ⚰ (Ancestor)| Petrova Family ⚰ (Ancestors) | Katherine Pierce ☀ (Ancestors/Doppelgänger of Elena| Nadia Petrova (Ancestor) | Nadia's Child ⚰ (Ancestor) | Johnathan Gilbert ⚰ (Ancestor) | Christopher Gilbert ⚰ (Ancestor)| Samantha Gilbert ⚰ (Ancestor) | Jenna Sommers ☀ (Aunt) | Mary & Beth ⚰ (Ancestors) | Alaric Saltzman ☀ (Step-father) | Elizabeth [Lizzie] ☀ (Stepsister) | Josephine [Josie] ☀ (Stepsister)

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