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Age: 28
Sign: Gemini

Country: United States
Signup Date: March 20, 2021

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Roleplaying Rules
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The rules that must be obeyed no matter what!

Rule # 1: Disclaimer [I am not Nina Dobrev or Kayla Madison or any of the characters they have played. I am just a roleplayer using their faces in my rps]

Rule #2: Place of Writing [I don't like writing in messages or comments, therefore a Writing group has been made for all my rps.] 

Rule # 3: Point Of View [I will be writing all my rps in the Third-person. It is easier this way for me. Don't like don't add]

Rule #4: Mains & Connections: [I am all for mains and Connections. I already have a few, so check the mains and connection link on my profile to see who I have.]

Rule # 5: Writing Length: [I would prefer 2 Paragraphs or more, when you write with me. At times, I can get up to 8 or so paragraphs.]


Other rules (no guides) that your excepted to know.

#1: All my sentences will have 4 Complete Sentences per paragraph. 

#2: I am not here for sex or Erotica.

#3: I am here to write stories

#4: I might not be on all the time, if it says I am on, I might not be.

#5: I don't add blank pages, looking pages, Kid Pages, or Private Pages.

#6: * = Action and Descriptions | " = For Speaking | All on Separate lines | Speaking Font Color: Firebrick (#b22222)

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