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"Daddy's Little Princess (18 and over! Straight and Men only. Para and Multi para. Fifty Shades of Grey themes. Open to most, Romance, Casual, into Older Men. You add, you talk. Here to write, not jumping into sex right off the bat.)"
22 years old
New York, New York
United States - 10015
Last Login: April 24 2022

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Status: Single
Here for: Dating, Relationships,
Orientation: Straight
Body Type: Slim / Slender
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Smoke / Drink: No/No
Education: In college
Religion: I will let you know . . .
Occupation: College student/ Assistant, Submissive
Height: 5"5'

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Christian-and-Ana-fifty-shades-of-grey-38204218-500-208 As the only daughter of a high-class society lawyer and a medical doctor, Courtney Alexis Madison had it all. She was the kind of girl that everyone wanted to be with, like the girl next door, who is curious about the world around her. Courtney got her beautiful looks from her mother, Doctor Allison Madison, but has her father's, Jason Madison, blue eyes. She's beautiful, fun to be with, loving, caring, understand, but most of all, curious. She's into older men, but the only thing that she wants most is to be loved and to be treated well. Courtney was born on September 10, 1999, in New York on a cloudy late summer day. Her parents did everything that they can to protect her. Her father, Jason, a high-class lawyer and her mother, Allison, a medical doctor. Courtney was raised out of the spotlight, due to her father's wishes because of him being a lawyer, not only to high-class society people, but to his dealing with the mob as well. Her mother, Allison wanted what was best for her only child, by giving her the life that she wanted her daughter to have. Courtney went to the best private schools in the city, graduated at the top of her classes and had gone to a private college. She was drawn into older men that can show her how to be loved and well taken care of, but she also wanted to be loved as well. ((I have discord if you are curious about so I can post pics of my playby that I can't show on here due to the guidelines. Please asked and I'll send it to you))

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