Terms of Service

Roleplay Zone is a creative writing site centered around roleplaying. This site has been created from experienced members in past roleplaying communities with the sole purpose of creating a new home where all writers can indulge in the roleplay writing from their own imaginations; TV shows, films, celebrities, music, video games and other purposes. Our site is paid for as a non-profit and we do not run advertisements. We would like to remind you now that all roleplay is fantasy and fiction. If you are looking for a social media site to upload information regarding your real life, this is not the place you want.

Membership: All members must be 18 years of age or older, as some roleplay and writing may contain adult content. Upon signing up to our site, you must have a name and a profile photo uploaded. Profiles that do not have a name or photos uploaded within 24 hours will be deleted by the administration. We do not accept responsibility for minors registering to our site, if caught they will be deleted.

Removing the Roleplay Zone admin profile from your friend list will result in your profile being deleted.

Profiles with no activity for an entire 6 months are subject to deletion. We ask that you log in to your profiles regularly, as it cost us money to run this site with a database for the profiles.

If a profile serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever to creative writing or roleplaying, it will be deleted. We are not a social media site.

Copyright: The webmaster/admin are not responsible for the subject matter posted by the members here at Roleplay Zone. If you are the original copyright holder and wish an image, video, or other material removed from this board please contact the admin with your request and we will remove the materials as soon as possible. Copyrights cannot be claimed for fan fiction, as it is simply adding onto the existence of original source material.

General Rules
Members of Roleplay Zone are responsible for their own actions. Since this site is for adults, we hope that you can truly act like an adult on here. If you have disputes with other members, remember that you are responsible for whatever you may say or post. The administrations will not be taking sides in nit-pick drama based around he said/she said type situations. We are not going to waste our times trying to police drama between members. There is a block button on every profile, use it and/or learn to ignore another person and not escalate a dispute.

Individuals who constantly delete profiles and remake them so they appear in the 'Cool New People' section will have their IP address banned.

Real life profiles are forbidden here. We do not allow any profiles using photos of real life individuals/normal people. We are not a social media site and therefore do not allow the sharing or redirecting of links to social media sites with RL information. This is a creative writing site, please keep your real life information separate. If you're not here to roleplay and participate in creative writing, then this site is not for you and we encourage you to elsewhere.
OOC is a term used by roleplayers which means 'out of character'. We do not encourage members of the site to post their real life information all over the internet, however it is your choice to do that elsewhere. We will delete profiles for posting real life information regarding members and multiple incidents will lead to banning of IP addresses. Do not use the status feed, bulletins or blogs as your personal soapbox to rant OOC about your real life.
We ask that members who have conflicts and problems with other individuals outside of Roleplay Zone, not to bring it here. We are not interested in your feuds or conflicts that happened on another site, nor will we be interjecting ourselves in the middle to handle such situations. We are not interested in such feuds or conflicts and won't hear either side of it.

Names and Photos: For those writing fan fiction and roleplay with established characters from other source material, you do not own the copyright of those names. This names for such popular characters such as Batman, Luke Skywalker, Dean Winchester, Buffy Summers and Princess Leia are not owned individually by any roleplayers. The same goes for religious and mythological names like Satan, Lucifer, Freya, Loki, etc. We advise writers who are using these characters to add original names to differentiate themselves from the source material. Roleplay Zone does not restrict the number of fictional or mythological characters that can be used on here.

Profiles that have blank names or 'tester' or 'top filler' (also in the headline), will be subject to deletion.
The photos you use for your characters are your choice for the face of the character, as roleplayers like to call them "playbys". You do not individually own the rights to these photos unless they were edited individually. The admin will not listen to complaints about multiple characters using the same photos that came from a search engine. Do not waste our time with the "they stole my playby" nonsense. We advise writers to edit their own photos or simply tag them with text if you are concerned about them being used by another individual. Photos of normal real life people uploaded to accounts will be deleted.

Sexual Themes and Suggestive Photos: - Pornography and nudity in general are forbidden as default photos with the exception of female topless photos. We deem topless photos to be glamourous and erotic, so they are allowed. Our definition in terms of forbidding content here applies to photos featuring full frontal nudity, sexual acts and/or bodily fluids. Tagging such photos to censor the nudity or placing stamps over genitalia is forbidden and such users will not be exempt. Sexual and explicit photos may be allowed on profiles as long as said profile is marked private. Photos deemed 'sexy' such as lingerie, bikini, and shirtless are fine along with topless photos. However, any photos that display genitalia as see-through are forbidden.
If such photos of pornographic content are uploaded, your account will be deleted, repeat offenders will see their IP address banned.
This site is strongly against child pornography. We have zero tolerance for this. We fully support the goals of ASACP in their fight for online child protection. As such, we will see that any member of this site that does upload child pornography will have their IP address and any other details forwarded to the relevant authorities within their jurisdiction.
Sexual and erotic themes in writing are fine as long as it does not involve characters under the age of 18 and do not involve bestiality, or rape themes. Profiles of animals to be used in erotica writer are forbidden here. We do not condone rape or non-consensual stories. if one is found writing erotica stories involving minors, animals or detailing rape stories, their IP address will be banned.
Profiles that are simply of erotic/smut nature with names such as; cum whore, slut, fucker, fuck me, daddy, sissie, etc and other such obscenities will be deleted from the site. If you have a problem with such rules, then this site is not for you and we advise you to go someplace else.

Character Requests and Premade Profiles: Premade profiles relate to characters that a writer has thought up and is searching for a writer. It may relate to a certain face claim, names or other such details. When a premade profile is given to another writer, the original creator no longer owns it. They have passed ownership to a new writer and it becomes their account. We will not tolerate arguments over this exchange if it does not work out. If the premade character belonged to a group, that character still belongs to the writer the profile was given to. We will not allow groups to reclaim premade characters belonging to someone else.
Rather than making premade profiles, we suggest using blogs and bulletins to advertise for the characters you have created in search of writers. This makes it easier on all parties involved since there isn't an inactive profile sitting there for months, if the role is not filled.

Characters/Profiles Under 18: We do not encourage the creation of profiles that are underage on our site, however they are not entirely forbidden. As we have stated earlier in the rules, this site is for members 18 and over, i.e. adults. Profiles using underage photos and caught writing erotic or sexual themes with minors will be subject to deletion and IP addresses banned. Adult characters preying on minor characters will also be met with profile deletions and banning of IP addresses. We do not tolerate child predators here.

Minor/underage characters are only allowed if they are connected with a family/group and it must be stated in the headline of the profile, or you are playing a fictional character as part of a form of established media (Films, TV Shows, etc). We do not allow profiles of underage celebrities and those will be deleted. If your profile does not meet the criteria and simply looks to be a minor, your profile will be deleted.

Group Behavior: As previously stated, you are individually responsible for your actions on this site. The founders of Roleplay Zone have many years of experience with roleplay communities across various sites in the past. Such experiences through the years were influential with the creation of this site. We will not tolerate the behavior of groups of people acting as an online lynch mob to go after members of our site.
Groups/Kingdoms and politicizing of RP: Roleplay Groups are welcome here if you would like to start your own group centered around a verse of roleplay or dedicated to a specific fandom. However, we will not allow groups on here to turn roleplay into a game of politics. We mean this figuratively, as we have witnessed groups (or 'kingdoms' as they call themselves) in previous roleplay communities fill the status feed, bulletins and blogs with rants, blacklists of characters and writers and feuds with other groups and non-group affiliated members of the site. We do not condone this behavior whatsoever. Any group or kingdom on this site who blacklists characters or writers and starts feuds with other groups or individuals will be removed from the site with the banning of IP addresses.

The Group/Kingdom known as HOS - House of Solomon are permanently banned from this site.

Resource/Layout/Help Sites: We welcome resource/layout/help sites to come and offer their services for members, however let this be known that your talents do not warrant special treatment from the administration here. We will not be opening the doors to an admin position for any help sites. We respect and appreciate your contributions to the site, but that does not mean we have to give you special privileges. We will not be banning members or deleting profiles based on your feuds with them, nor will we allow you to blacklist them and attempt to rally a lynch mob of people against a single user. This behavior will see you and your resources removed from our site. We also are not interested in any conflicts and political games between help sites feuding from incidents that occurred on other sites. We won't be getting in the middle or choosing sides, we ask that you keep drama from other sites away from here.

Hate Speech, Politics and Religion: Roleplay Zone does not condone hate speech or bigotry whatsoever towards anyone over race or sexuality. If a user is to post messages with racial slurs, homophobia, transphobia or any other forms of hate speech, they will be removed from this site. Repeat offenders will see their IP address banned.
A reminder that Roleplay Zone is not a social media site. As previously stated about OOC topics, we ask that you do not bring real life politics or religion on here. While we respect your freedom of speech, we do not encourage public bickering of politics and religion in status, bulletins or blogs. We don't care about your preference of faith; where you come from or what political party you vote for. Do not fill the status feed; bulletins, group forums or blogs with rants about politics or religion. Once again, these are subjects not associated with roleplay and we don't want to waste our time policing irrelevant arguments.

Advertisements/Affiliations: We do not run advertisements on our site. The webmaster/admins of Roleplay Zone understanding the frustration of ads clogging up pages. At the bare minimum we will advertise for donations, as it is what keeps this site running and allows us the funds to do upgrades and improve stability for our users.

We will not allow individual members or groups advertising for other roleplay sites. Posting links advertising for other roleplay sites will see profile deletions and banning of IP addresses. Further more, we do not allow the advertising of social media sites. If you are looking for a social media site, then this is the wrong place.

Contacting Administration: As we have now went through most of our rules regarding conduct and what is and isn't allowed on our site, we would like to set this clear on contacting the admins. We welcome questions and will answer you back, however we would appreciate a bit of respect towards us. We have tolerated rude comments and cussing rants at us about our site long enough to the point we have had enough and will simply delete members who can't show us a little bit of respect. As the above rules states, we won't listen to any complaints regarding feuds and nit-pick drama between members.

Questions and comments that compare us to another RP site will be ignored. We have no intentions whatsoever of transforming our site to resemble another one. Demands to add features and make changes based on the appearance and features of another site will be ignored. If you don't like our site, you're free to leave any time. Go back to whatever site you came from, we are not interested in being told repeatedly how we need to add a bunch of useless features to please you. Let this be a reminder that we are paying the bills here for you to use our site for free. It shouldn't be that hard to show us a little bit of respect.

Legal Disclaimer: Roleplay Zone is not responsible for the actions of any of our users and all users agree to take legal responsibility for their own actions. By registering to this site, you agree that you will follow all laws and that you accept that Roleplay Zone is not legally responsible for the actions of you or any other users. Should we learn of any users engaged in criminal activities on our site, their profiles will be deleted and their IP address and information will be passed on to authorities within their jurisdiction.