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The 7 foot tall monster known as the Vampire Kaiju,was born to a pure blood Vampire and legend say Dracula. As a newborn he weighed 12 pounds. And like all purebred vampire he grew quickly. By the time he was equivalent to 5 years old. He was 5 ft tall. He was locked in the dungeon and was appointed a servant just for him. She bathed him fed him taught him. She was the only link to the outside world. He fell in love and his mother caught them. She moved the servant elsewhere.. He stays in hiding from the outside world in fear that the now 7 ft tall monster... this Vampire Kaiju... a monster among monsters. The vampire fear he will not be satisfied with human blood but will also kill his own kind. His mother knows to keep him calm she must sacrifice a servant. If he feeds so be it..... but he must not escape.... But the legend is wrong. As he grew older his true father was revealed to be satan himself. He had took Dracula place as he was iff fighting. Satan bred Dracula bridr resulting in Alistaire being born. Dracula kew the truth and left her to die. Years later Alistaire learns the truth.he hates Dracula now but is looking for satan to learn his demonic heritage.

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