Juliet Lovett.

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Juliet thinks of others far before her own self, seeking out ways to help and to aid before she worries about anything going wrong in her own life. She is gentle though she stands up for what she believes in with a ferocity that even she herself can’t quite understand. She will not be overlooked, overpowered, or made to seem small - that was her entire life growing up back under the wrath of her father and she refuses to ever be put back there. Juliet is innately good, pure on the outside and willing to seek that out in whoever she comes into contact with. It takes so much to make her angry, to get her to raise her voice or to let a curse fly past her mouth - she is determined to be nothing like her father and nothing like what he did to her and so she prides herself on being the complete opposite. The red-head is also fiercely determined, not willing to give up on anything or anyone no matter the circumstances. She’s known an easy life and she’s also known a hard one - all that weighs on her heart gives her what she needs to understand at least some of the complexities of others, which makes her compassionate and consistently empathetic. Despite this goodness, despite the pressure still somewhere in her head to be ‘perfect’, Juliet recognizes that she is far from it - pieces of anger directed at her father as well as herself lashing out in random occurrences. She fights those battles daily, out of the sights of others - because everyone has demons, but she’s determined not to bring hers to light.

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Status: Single
Here for: Para, Multi-Para,
Orientation: Straight
Hometown: California
Smoke / Drink: No/Yes
Education: College graduate
Religion: Christian - other

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Her Story.

Born to Evelyn and Beauford Lovett - an elite socialite family of Los Angeles, she grew up along with her older brother accustomed to the flashing cameras and incessant pestering of paparazzi though she learned from an early age her parents thrived off of their immersion into the upper ends of society. And yet anything to do with that world and way of living made her blood boil and her mouth turn down into a pout and her fingers clench into fists, because her mother had once been a sweetheart of a woman and an epitome of a perfect parent but suddenly the money and the diamond rings meant so much more than her ‘jewel’ of a daughter and ‘dashing’ boy of a son. Jules watched her mother transform from a charming, small-town Louisiana girl to a greedy businessman’s wife and then lose every shred of decency there was in her tiny little body. And perhaps Juliet should’ve been able to deal with that- hell, she and her brother had spend their entire lives witnessing the empire her father had created grow and thrive and warp every sense of a family that they had ever known. And perhaps she should’ve expected his hatred. From any early age, Juliet learned what would set her father off, careful to push just the right buttons in the hopes her mother would go back to her sweet lullabies and forehead kisses and gifts of tart watermelon lollipops and realize he smacked his little girl across the face when she was off getting a manicure or punched her son square across the mouth whenever he dared to ask for a meal, or invited a younger blonde with way too big of a nose to his bedroom when he thought his darling little girl and sweetheart of a little boy weren’t paying any attention.

End Of her story.

For a few years, she settled here and there volunteering around the country, building houses for those in need, taking photos for foster agencies in hopes of getting them placed with a loving family. Floating wherever the wind and her heart felt like it was taking her. She did everything she could for those kids, for those people - for the homeless, for those without a family. She felt strongly about coming to the aid of others - like it was a permanent piece of her heart. Finally ending up in the grand city of Nashville, Juliet continued picking up photography gigs to make ends meet; because the instant she’d boarded the plane her father had snatched the money and every account in his name she’d been given access to and though she was at a loss as to where to go and what to do, she finally felt free. New Orleans, Louisiana was a spur of the moment decision when she found a charity needing help with the advertising of their business, requesting a skilled photographer and the promise of her getting a first-hand look at the families they’d directly impacted with their service. Buying a place in the French Quarter with the last of her grandmother’s money she had saved up and landing a bartending gig to try and make the place feel a little more like home made the move feel a little more final, a little more like she was where she was supposed to be. Because she’d been running for years now, and maybe it was time to stop.

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